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Viral Marketing for a new website!

The website shown below is a social networking site; a perfect example of how viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing will be used.

social networking website makes use of web 2.0 and viral marketing

Bands are able to sign up to enter contests online and win cash prizes. People can vote for their favorite band and for $1 they can download the songs. Each download will count as five votes so if someone likes a band they have incentive to spend a buck and "vote" with their money. This helps the bands and the website owners. In this project our advertising agency is the website designer and we handle the website marketing. This social networking website will be promoted almost exclusively online with viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing campaigns. There will also be live events that people can attend which will be broadcast live to the website.

Groups will be formed on other social networking websites so that people can join and then they are all linking to this site. This will result in exposure and traffic to the site generating income for the owners.

This is one of the more involved website design projects we have had and we are very happy to also handle the Internet marketing for the company. In order to obtain the best results you should begin by hiring only the best professional website designers that you can find.


Viral Marketing
Results in Billionaire Status Overnight!

Although it is true that websites like facebook spread virally after being started by a kid in college not every social networking site will be a huge success. The owner of facebook today has a new title so if you meet him instead of calling him a kid which he still is, you can address him as Mr. Billionaire because he is that too!

An ongoing viral marketing campaign can have a powerful impact of the success of a business! Ignore the claims from the "experts" who want to run your viral marketing campaign and get real results from a real company, with a real office and real ad agency experience!

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