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Viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing works for anyone in any type of business, located anywhere in the world. We have a client on the other side of the world who wants to offer their services to business owners in the United States. The client is India Website Designers and in order to draw attention to their company and increase traffic to their website we made use of some very funny videos that we found on TheOnion.com. So in this viral marketing example we didn't need to think of something funny about outsourcing to India we only had to make use of what was already available to us on the Internet.

We created a blog which features these two very funny videos about outsourcing to India. People enjoy the videos and email a link to the blog to their friends.

We have two videos on the blog one is about outsourcing day care for your children to India. This video shows a mom packing a small child in a box to ship overseas.

Outsourcing to India

The second video talks about outsourcing to India becoming something that isn't just for corporations and now individuals outsource their own jobs to India. The people of India are said to outsource the jobs that are outsourced to them to even poorer people in India.

Outsourcing Website Design To India

If you would like to watch the funny videos you can see them at TheOnion.com. You can also go to Yahoo.com and do a search for "India Website Designers" and you'll see how well our efforts have paid off for this client. We are working on getting better results in Google now.

Or go to yahoo and search for "Miami trade show displays" or "Fort Lauderdale trade show displays" and you'll find our client near the top of the search results.


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Unfortunately, we have heard so many outlandish claims that we begin to wonder if there might be some truth in the claims marketers make. An ongoing viral marketing campaign can have a powerful impact of the success of a business! Ignore the claims from the "experts" who want to run your viral marketing campaign and get real results from a real company, with a real office and real ad agency experience!

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