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A family business crisis caused Rick to leave the real estate industry to restructure the business. The family owned a successful medical linen rental supply business since 1963 which fell upon difficult times in the 1990’s. Disposable paper products were becoming more popular and each day the linen supply business was losing more clients. The company was struggling to survive when Rick came aboard and he converted the business from washing laundry to garment dyeing for some of the largest apparel manufacturers in the United States. Rick had articles published in industry trade magazines and became the nations leading authority on commercial garment dyeing. Rick was able to get such a tremendous amount of publicity for the new garment dyeing business that large manufacturers from around the country began to ship their goods to the former laundry to have them garment dyed. The family sold off what remained of the linen supply business and later sold the very profitable garment dyeing business.

When people first began to hear about the World Wide Web in 1995 Rick became one of the first website designers. With a strong background in sales and marketing Rick knew that a website had to be found on the internet when you search for what the client does; otherwise it is a waste of money. Rick learned everything about how the search engines worked and used search engine optimization to help his clients to become more successful.

At the end of 2003 Rick began to offer many new services and started Ad Excellence, a full service advertising agency. Rick has always been an innovator in business and is launching Viral Web 2.0 Marketing as a logical extension to the advertising services his company offers.


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Unfortunately, Americans are becoming too accustomed to outlandish claims that lack results. However as a CFO, you are held accountable for nearly everything that occurs within your company. Today’s CFO needs to save time, use fewer resources, generate cost savings, nimbly deploy resources, shift from being reactive to being proactive, all the while thoughtfully reacting and making appropriate decisions. Thus it is imperative to outsource the marketing of your website to an innovative company that began producing websites for all types of companies in 1995.

Today we run a viral marketing company to help market your business in a totally new and innovative way. Contact our viral marketing firm today!


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