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Rick Goldman is bringing the best of Web 2.0 and viral Internet Marketing to all types of companies and business owners. Our work includes viral marketing for companies in retail, wholesale, export, service and all types of businesses.

Today everyone is talking about Web 2.0, viral marketing and how the Internet has changed. Until now nobody was doing anything about Web 2.0 or viral marketing. We become an extension of your marketing efforts. We write blogs on your behalf, we create viral videos, setup new websites that link to your main website and add information about your business to social networking websites so that we can tell your story to the world.

Marketing Web 2.0 Get a website and never advertise again!

Unfortunately, people once believed that all they had to do was to have a website designed and this would solve all their advertising needs. Maybe back in 1995 if you had a website you were one of very few business owners on the Internet so the competition wasn't so fierce. Today every serious business owner has a website so the successful business owners are looking for a way to stay ahead of everyone else. Viral marketing is changing the way we market our businesses on the Internet.

Thus it is imperative to outsource the viral marketing campaign for your business to an industry leader that began producing websites back when everyone called the Internet "the world wide web". We were making websites and getting good search engine ranking back in 1995.

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