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Viral Marketing offers businesses a lasting form of marketing where the results you'll have for years to come will be the result of the viral marketing campaign we started months earlier. We work with interactive websites, social networking websites and blogs to point other websites back to yours.

The way we use the internet has changed dramatically over the past few years, websites have been developed that have allowed people to interact and communicate. These new websites are referred to as social network sites. There are plenty of websites we are able to use to begin your viral marketing campaign. We untangle the web and use social media to market your website in ways that will leave your competition wondering what happened.

Shown above is an example of inexpensive viral marketing. If you have an interesting or funny video on your own website and people want to watch the video then they will e-mail it to their friends and those people e-mail it to their friends and next thing you know your website is being spread virally.

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Viral marketing has generated a new wave of marketing opportunities for Internet savvy website owners who have a time and the skills needed to dedicate to marketing their website. For everyone else, marketing your website is something best left to professional viral marketing firms. Viral marketing using funny videos is giving some fortune 500 corporations a huge advantage over their competition. Viral marketing via social networking is being used by BMW and Reebok just to name a couple of major players. These industry giants have posted videos on for the world to see.

Our team of viral marketing professionals will develop a Web 2.0 viral marketing strategy to fit within your budget and bring you results that can be measured in dollars! Think of us as your public relations company for the Internet.

Your Internet Public Relations Firm for the Internet. Use Viral Marketing and Live to be 150!

Unfortunately, we are becoming too accustomed to outlandish claims that lack results. A viral marketing campaign won't cure cancer but it will help your business to get more website traffic. This is effective for businesses with a street address and businesses that exist only on the Internet.

The most important thing to consider before you begin a viral marketing campaign is to know who you are dealing with. Even if your business exists only on the Internet this doesn't mean that your viral marketing professionals should exist there as well. Our company has a real office that you can visit any time and we began producing websites for businesses in 1995. We've gotten pretty good at this over the years.



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